Yes. The US has an estimated $58 Billion in Unclaimed Funds

And yes….

$58 Billion in Unclaimed Funds or Financial Assets is a lot of Money.

But the very good news is that it’s fairly organized in terms of where to find it as opposed to say Canada.

Here’s an infographic provided by the Money Blog of NPR. It provides a breakdown of the $18 Billion or so that was held as of last year by the Federal Treasury of the US. This is just the Federal Amount of Unclaimed Money whereas each State has their stockpile as well that awaits the legal owners to find it; that’s another estimated $41.7 Billion

$16 Billion in Unclaimed Savings Bonds can be found here at

$900 Million in Unclaimed Tax Refunds (which expire after 3 years) can be found here 

If you want to check out the State Treasuries for Unclaimed funds you can find a link to each State at the national Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators website 


$18 Billion in Unclaimed Cash in the Federal Treasury

$18 Billion in Unclaimed Cash in the Federal Treasury