Life is Complicated/Death is more so/Get Organized

When did life get so complicated with multiple everything and not enough time ?Which is why you need to Get your stuff together …

The poster above is from a 2011 article from the Wall Street Journal (Saabira Chaudhuri) The 25 Documents you need before you Die It was a good read then with a great poster and even more so a few years later. The Article talks about  the financial consequences that befalls your family and loved ones if you fail to keep all your documents and important papers in order. The author makes reference to the very large investigations & lawsuits that started around that time into the obligation of insurers to pay out unclaimed life policies to beneficiaries. I think it was what prompted Saabira to write the article since that  BILLION dollar story is still ongoing in the US, 3 years later.

The article makes reference to the $32.9B in unclaimed bank accounts and other assets. That total is now $58B. The US has had legislation since the 1930’s around unclaimed assets to tracking, reporting and actively looking for owners of unclaimed funds is common place. No such luck in Canada outside of Alberta and Quebec

LegacyTracker is built much like the cabinet you see in the poster except it’s Secure, Accessible online, Template based to reduce info that might not be included otherwise, the flexible sharing, printing, saving, more comprehensive and comes with built-in alerts & reminders and a net worth tracker…since LegacyTracker is not just about death; it’s about living as well.

Read the article from the Wall Street Journal Here