The Bluegrass State knows how to return Green (Cash)

Kentucky is looking to push forward & further on their quest to return unclaimed money

That`s the mission in the Bluegrass State of Kentucky for Todd Hollenbach, the State Treasurer. Mr. Hollenbach  has been spreading joy across the State over the past 6 years where his office has returned more than $100 million in unclaimed property to rightful owners in that time.

It`s a pretty incredible record given that it`s more than all the state treasurers combined returned in the 60 years before Mr. Hollenbach came into office. (Kentucky`s Unclaimed Property Program dates back to 1942) But Mr. Hollenbach is determined to do more. He vowed recently to return $120 Million before his term ends in 2015 by visiting all 120 counties in Kentucky (Hence his 120 in 120 slogan)

Last year the the Kentucky State Treasury collected a record of $53 Million in unclaimed financial assets from property holders, including banks and insurance companies. The State currently holds some $150 Million in total Unclaimed property. That`s a lot of money for a State of approximately 4.4 Million

Mr. Hollenbach attributes much of the success in returning unclaimed property to a volunteer program called “Treasure Finders.” which includes establishing a phone bank, enlisting volunteers to review property listings, calling residents to inform them of potential unclaimed property and providing assistance in completing claim forms. 


Even if the State is not successful in returning unclaimed property it`s a WIN for the State and a win for taxpayers as money not returned goes into the General Fund to pay for identified programs like education, That`s the WIN WIN in having Unclaimed Intangible Property Legislation in place.

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