Emergency Prep includes Paperwork

Not many of us like to think about the types of emergencies that can occur without any warning in an instant like losing a loved one or meeting with a tragic accident or encountering a physical disaster that can take away everything you own.

Approximately 85% of Canadians agree that having an emergency plan and an emergency kit is important in ensuring safety yet only 40% have prepared one.

Make it a Bigger Priority – LegacyTracker can help 

Having an emergency preparation plan in place won’t necessarily lessen the shock or grief of meeting up with an emergency situation, but having one can help you recover and get your life back on track more easily.Suggestions for Emergency Preparation often talk about building an “Emergency survival kit” that includes Essentials & Supplies (food, water, medication, first aid supplies etc). But what about an emergency Kit that includes all of your information and important documents that make recovering from a crisis less difficult and can help you get back on your feet especially if accessing that information is made difficult?

It’s critical to be able to access your important information should you be away from home or should you have to flee your home as a result of a natural or physical disaster like a fire, earthquake, hurricane, tornado or flood.

LegacyTracker enables you to enhance your level emergency preparation by providing a safe, central & accessible location for all of your important information like

  • Personal Records (including birth certificates/passports/licenses)
  • Financial information (including bank, investment, credit card, Property details, Insurance and loan documents/information)
  • Medical Records (including insurance, medical history, medication records, ongoing medical conditions)
  • Contact Information (Including personal contacts, Advisors, Medical providers etc)

Good resources are available online 

Emergency Management Ontario 

GetPrepared.ca Website 

Pre-Packaged Emergency kits are available from St. John Ambulance and the Salvation Army as well as from Canadian Red Cross 

May 4-10 2014 is Emergency Preparedness Week,

Emergency Preparedness Week is a National awareness initiative that has taken place since 1996. During Emergency Preparedness week, Public Safety Canada along with many emergency management organizations and partners across Canada encourage Canadians to become better prepared to face a range of emergencies

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