LottoMax $50M winner

In Ontario a Lucky Lotto Winner won $50M but Missing Bond Owners have $65M waiting

Sophie Rizavas is ONE lucky Ontario Lady- she’s a new multimillionaire following her jackpot win in the May 9 Lotto Max draw. She won $50M. Nice. (She also won $5 for matching the first 2 numbers of her Encore play).

$50M is a lot of money.  I’ve always thought that such a big win is way too much for just one winner. Who really needs $50 Million? So yes,  I wish more lucky families were sharing this win. I don’t think Sophie Rizavas would even mind that. But due to some very nice timing, I can let you know that there could be other winners in Ontario that don’t even have a ticket. Because, this week I finally found the number. The value of Outstanding Ontario Savings Bonds that have matured but have yet to be redeemed. In my world we call that UNCLAIMED financial assets. The value of those Unclaimed Ontario Savings Bonds as of March 2013 was: 

$56,013,600.00 + Interest of $9,592,169.00 that’s…

$65,605,769 unclaimed 

A letter may have been sent to the owners who originally purchased these bonds, but the owner may have moved or may have died or may be incapacitated and their family has no way of knowing about the Bond. The Ontario Savings Bond Team has indicated to me they “do not have any authority to find the owner(s) of the unclaimed bonds”

I am seeking more info from the Ministry related to these bonds but I’m not allowed to ask many questions given that an election is in progress.   In the meantime, if you have reason to believe that an Ontario Savings Bond has gone missing in your family connect with the Ontario Savings Bond Office. 

1-888-212-BOND (2663)  or visit the website for more info 

Unclaimed Ontario Savings Bonds

Call them if you think someone in your family has misplaced a bond