Lost & returned savings bonds make a perfect Christmas story

Lost but found savings bonds

$127,000 in lost & returned savings bonds – make for a pretty perfect Christmas story but…

A (very kind) Massachusetts bargain hunter last month returned  $127,000 in matured U.S. savings bonds he found in a desk that he had paid $40 for. The bonds had been tucked away for safekeeping for many years despite the fact that the owner hadn’t forgotten about the bonds; he had just forgotten what he had done with them. He had searched for the missing bonds for many years even going as far as seeking help from the US Federal Government via their unclaimed bond program. His attempts were unsuccessful and so the recent return of the long-lost bonds makes for a really nice story of kindness this time of year.

 The Christmas angel  is Phil LeClerc, of Weymouth, Mass who deserves a great Christmas after making it a Merry Christmas for another family in Massachusetts.  Mr. LeClerc promptly returned the long-lost savings bonds after finding them quite by accident, to the auction house where he had made the desk purchase.

The lost & returned U.S. savings bonds  in $500, $1,000 and $10,000 denominations — belonged to a 94-year-old man who did not have enough money to pay to live in an assisted living home…but now he does. Those lost & returned savings bonds will be tremendously helpful to his future care.

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A happy ending indeed which is a nice boost to our faith in human kindness but sad at the same time and a lesson for others. What if the bonds had not been found & returned? The family had been in the process of liquidating all of the man’s assets in order to help care for him; hence the sale of the now-famous desk. There seems little doubt that the bonds could have been useful for many years. The (anonymous) bond owner had been looking for the bonds for many years and so it seems safe to assume that the emotional and financial drain had taken a toll on him & his family.

No one loses Financial Assets on purpose.

Lessons abound in this story.

It’s important to store vital documents in a safe place and share that information with those you trust. Copies of hard to replace documents are also helpful and would have proved really helpful in this case where the elderly gentlemen knew he had purchased the bonds but had no proof or documentation in order to claim them.

Our goal with LegacyTracker is to prevent exactly this kind of misfortune from happening. LegacyTracker helps families secure & share important information including copies of critical documents with trusted loved ones or advisors.