LegacyTracker is about taking control of personal finances

LegacyTracker is about taking control of personal finances

Taking control of personal finances with a little organization. 

Life is busy. It can get (real) complicated. 

LegacyTracker is a web-based personal finance tool that helps individuals (& families) bring all of their important financial/estate documents & info together in a Simple, Central, Accessible & Secure location.

Watch our (less than) 2 minute explainer Video for a quick summary about LegacyTracker  here  YouTube

LegacyTracker is a worry-reducer for users & their families 

Simplify, Safeguard and Share important financial, estate & legal information

We’ve outlined some of the important benefits for individuals here Benefits-Consumers

We’ve also developed LegacyTracker as a (white label) or branded solution in order that financial organizations, professional service providers or member based organizations can offer LegacyTracker to their own clients, account holders or members. We’ve outlined some of the important benefits for organizations here  Benefits-Organizations


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