An online personal finance tool that helps users take control of their financial life


LegacyTracker – an online personal finance tool that benefits consumers in lots of ways:

  • Use one central/secure & accessible location for all the important details of life
  • Comprehensive built-in but flexible templates reduces the risk of missing info
  • Become more enabled to move forward with financial/estate planning
  • An Improved peace of mind/Reduced anxiety over ‘details’
  • Gain empowerment over financial/estate info & to-do’s
  • Reduce the financial risk of assets becoming lost or unclaimed
  • Enhance the level of Emergency Preparedness
  • Increase the chance of success in reaching financial goals
  • Facilitate important family conversations that are too often delayed

Here’s some details on our online personal finance tool

Real Life is busy & most often made up of Multiple Priorities mixed with Multiple Financial Providers. 85% of consumers want one place to manage all of their finances as they feel out of control with their information.

an online financial finance tool that can help reduce anxiety

How LegacyTracker makes a difference:

  • One central/accessible location to bring all of the important details & accounts together
  •  Comprehensive built-in templates helps users document the important details of life as well as important information related to other family members.
  • Attach electronic copies of documents as well.
  • Flexible printing/sharing options allows users to share the information with a spouse, family member or advisor.
  • Voila.  Now the details/documents are easily accessible when needed.

Too much Procrastination! Too many individuals & their families are putting off discussions about estate planning & final wishes or forgetting to share that information with their loved ones. Procrastination can mean family members & loved ones will incur additional grief, stress & expense in an already stressful time. Procrastination is most likely a major factor in the alarming increase in unclaimed funds (assets) that now approximates some $62 Billion in North America.

an online personal finance  tool that can benefit the entire family


How LegacyTracker makes a difference:

  • LegacyTracker can help open up or facilitate important family conversations
  • Better organization of information is made possible with flexible but comprehensive templates. Better Organization often clears the path for more proactive planning as information is more available and accessible and sharable
  • Built in alerts/reminders safeguard against missing or outdated information
  • Built in templates will help ensure that the information needed  relating to financial assets is available to reduce the risk of unclaimed assets

Emergency Preparedness is minimal

It’s not your imagination, various forms of emergency situations (and disasters) have increased at an alarming rate in recent years. Despite this, the level of emergency preparedness for most individuals & families is minimal. Recovering from most types of emergency situations requires that information is readily available, accessible & accurate.

an online personal finance tool that can enhance emergency preparedness How LegacyTracker makes a difference:

  • Important Details as well as scanned documents are made readily available & accessible from anywhere  a remote connection is available,

A lack of focus, clarity and engagement can get in the way of financial progress

They are too-common themes today, a lack of focus, clarity and engagement  despite the worry that a large majority of individuals have relating to their personal financial lives. Surveys confirm that most are not reviewing their finances regularly & often delay working with a professional Advisor to help them determine & reach their financial/estate planning goals. lack clarity around what they have, what they might need and whether or not they are making any progress financially.

an online personal finance tool that helps build empowerment

How LegacyTracker makes a difference:

  • Built in templates help clarify what they should document, safeguard & track
  • A built-in Net Worth Tracker helps clarify if progress is being made towards financial goals
  • Better organization often leads to better collaboration & improved engagement with Advisors.

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