Unclaimed Financial Assets in Canada

Where to look for Unclaimed Financial Assets in Canada

Canada. We love you BUT….

finding Unclaimed Financial Assets in Canada, outside of the 2 provinces that have Comprehensive Intangible Property Legislation (Congrats to you, Quebec & Alberta) is not as easy as it is elsewhere (like in the US)

A work in progress: Where to look for Unclaimed Financial Assets in Canada 

As we find databases or lists of Unclaimed Financial Assets in Canada, we will add them to our site. LegacyTracker has developed an online software to help individuals and families safeguard their financial assets and become more proactive about their financial & estate planning. Helping bring awareness to the fact that many families have misplaced their financial assets and are continuing to do so on an increasing basis,  is part of this project. We would love to hear from you if you find some money on any of these lists so that we can reinforce the need for Unclaimed Intangible Property Legislation for all Canadians across the land.

Bank of Canada Search for an Unclaimed Balance    This database only reflects accounts previously held by Federally Chartered Banks in Canadian dollars (no foreign currency accounts) where no activity had occurred for 10 years or more

Unclaimed Funds owing to a creditor of a Bankrupt Canadian Corporation This database represents monies owed to a creditor that had filed a Proof of Claim with a Trustee at one point and after bankruptcy procedures had taken place a dividend was declared but remains unpaid to that same Creditor 

Province of Alberta Unclaimed Property Search  An up-to-date online registry of unclaimed property. Search by first initial, nickname, or any other name used. Unclaimed property includes wages, personal property, utility deposits, life insurance or annuity policies, RRIFs, RRSPs, RESPs, Certificates of Deposit, Loans or Bonds, Demand or Savings Deposits, Money Orders, Traveller’s Cheques. As of 2013, Alberta had $28.3M in unclaimed financial assets in their database.

Province of Quebec Register of Unclaimed Property   Includes property relating to unclaimed successions, property found on unidentified bodies, unclaimed property previously held by corporations that had been dissolved, Unclaimed property  located in Quebec, Vehicles abandoned on public highways, Unclaimed Values at June 24 2014: Financial assets $219M, Successions $6.8M, Dissolved Corporations $4.9M, Other property $17.6M. The total value of Unclaimed Property at June 24 2014 in the database was $248.2M. Revenu Quebec has had sole responsibility for recovering & administering unclaimed property since April 1 2006.

Province of BC Not completely comprehensive nor mandatory but a list nonetheless, this online search database provides owners of unclaimed financial assets some assistance where the Organization they dealt with has transferred those assets to the BC Unclaimed Property Society. The Province of BC retains governance over the BC Unclaimed Property Society. Mandatory Compliance is expected of Municipal and Provincial courts in BC as well as Credit Unions and Real Estate Agents. On a strictly voluntary basis (not mandatory), other Organizations may utilize the services of the BC Unclaimed Property Society like Trust funds, Property Insurers, Pension funds etc.

Sask Power Outstanding Bonds & Outstanding Savings Bond Interest List   SaskPower is looking for bondholders owed approximately $380,000 in unclaimed bonds and interest from Savings Bonds issued between 1984-1991. We appreciate the fact that on behalf of all of these bond holders and their families, they have listed bond holders on their site. We wish all Organizations did the same. Kudos to you SaskPower…

Nova Scotia Unclaimed Intestate Estate Funds Unclaimed Intestate Estate Funds relate to estates where individuals have died and heirs cannot be located. Such estates are converted into cash and then the Nova Scotia Department of Finance and Treasury Board holds such funds until rightful heirs come forward for a legislated time limit of 40 years. A searchable database is available online

Nova Scotia Unclaimed CUDIC balances The Nova Scotia Credit Union Deposit Insurance Corporaton (CUDIC) receives balances from Nova Scotia credit unions when there has been no owner activity for a 7 years or more. Balances are held in perpetuity.

Ontario-Pembridge Insurance Company Unclaimed Property list for money owed due to claims, refund of premium, or other.