We welcome Investors, Angels, Partners & more friends

We welcome Investors, Angels, Partners, Friends (etc)

LegacyTracker would welcome Investors, Angels, Partners and friends who share our mission of bringing enhanced peace of mind & empowerment to individuals & families that comes with having key financial, legal and estate planning documents in one secure & organized location.

Individuals/families are losing track of their assets at an alarming rate. The problem is global and growing. In the United States where legislation has existed for 20+ years and is administered very proactively by each State, the problem is estimated at $58 Billion. In Canada, there are no clear facts since legislation relating to unclaimed property is (woefully) sparse (only 2 provinces have fairly consistent & comprehensive legislation in place). Most estimate the problem of unclaimed financial assets in Canada to be  anywhere between $4 and $6 Billion. Yes. Billion.

A Core mission that grew

While the core mission behind LegacyTracker began as a way to help individuals & families simplify & better organize their financial records to reduce the risk of their assets becoming lost, unclaimed or abandoned…LegacyTracker has a number of built-in features that will help with many other challenges.

Given aging demographics (11,000 individuals are turning aged 65 each day for the next 20 years in North America) & increased longevity, Legacy Tracker will help facilitate better and more effective planning, and will help facilitate important family discussions that are too often put off, concerning financial & estate planning and final wishes. LegacyTracker will also serve to enhance the degree of emergency preparedness which is typically minimal for most individuals & their families despite the ever-increasing & worrisome rise in emergency situations including death, incapacity, natural & physical disasters.

Perfect Storm ?  We’d say so and we do. 

perfect storm 5

We believe that there is a “Perfect Storm” brewing in the Personal Finance & Estate market generally, with multiple challenges being faced by both Individuals and their families on the one side and Financial and Estate Service Providers on the other side.

We believe that LegacyTracker has the capacity to assist both Consumers & Providers offering a Perfect Win-Win Opportunity. It offers an opportunity for Providers to show client advocacy and meaningful value to the entire family including the next generation as well as the younger demographics in that family that are looking for technology tools to manage their busy lives.

It’s not about the free cappuccino or WiFi offerings (although they are great) 

We think that free cappuccino or WiFi offerings, Birthday Cards or “SWAG” are not enough for clients in 2014 & Better Organized & Empowered Clients  make Better Clients in the long run.

Enabling Success for Clients is profitable 

In case you can’t tell, we feel quite passionate about the way that LegacyTracker can make a BIG difference to both Consumers & the Providers they work with which is why we would welcome investors who could share this vision and take an active role in bringing our financial & estate organizing solution to market. Our beta product is 96% complete. 

Since our primary purpose is to make a difference to those we serve; we would also welcome “Sweat Equity” Investors as well…and Providers (!) because we are on a mission & you can help us perfect our beta product.

If you are interested in learning more about such opportunities or looking for further information please contact us (right now)

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