Better organized clients

 Better Organized Clients are Better Clients. 

That’s what we have learned after working with clients for 20+ years – Better organized clients are better clients. They are more empowered with their own information, more proactive and more engaged in meeting goals and making decisions. Survey after survey has shown…clients want help managing their finances & finance/estate tasks.

That’s why LegacyTracker is also a branded personal finance tool. 

Our web-based personal finance/estate organizing tool can help your clients/account holders/members or even employees. get organized and empowered with their own information and that helps your organization in a multitude of ways:

Key Benefits for Organizations offering LegacyTracker 


  1. Brand Differentiation in a Busy MarketBetter organized clients are better clients
  2. Demonstrate Advocacy (We care)
  3. Increase loyalty (retention)
  4. Enhance Financial Literacy
  5. Strengthen/Deepen Relationships
  6. Enable ongoing communication
  7. Gain Better Insight into needs
  8. Reduce user anxiety about finances
  9. Show value to the entire family
  10. Better bottom line results



We have outlined some of the specific key benefits for a few different market segments. Please call us if you don’t see your particular market segment noted here.

Please connect with us today to find out how we can help you help those you help !



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