Canadians are stressed about money

LegacyTracker can provide financial stress relief

We believe that LegacyTracker can go a long way in helping to relieve the financial stress that comes with everyday life for individuals and their families

That’s why we also believe that LegacyTracker provides an opportunity for Employers, Educators or Employee Assistance Program Providers

Everyone agrees. Employees are personally financially distressed. In fact, recent surveys indicate that as many as 1 in 4 employees are feeling personally financially distressed. Here’s what a recent Financial Education in the Workplace survey of Canadian employers by the folks at Employee Financial Well-Being showed

Employee financial stress relief is a good investment

Financial Education in the Workplace-Good For Employees


  • 87% of employees WANT financial education
  • 45% of employees feel their level of financial stress is high to overwhelming
  • 61% of employees cited money as their #1 stressor
  • 51% of employees had not sought financial advice in the last 24 months
  • Employees experiencing financial distress spend as much as 13% of their workday dealing with their money problem


That all adds up for the employee and the employer as well. Financial stress impacts mental health, physical health and productivity. That means there is a significant impact to the bottom line of Employers in terms of overall productivity and profitability. Employee Financial Education can also decrease drug benefit costs, absenteeism while increasing satisfaction and retention of employees.

Financial stress relief good for employees and their employers

Employee Financial Education in the Workplace-Good for Employers


Indeed, the same survey referred to above,  Financial Education in the Workplace survey indicated that:

  • 72% of employers believe that employee financial education will be of benefit to them
  • Employers can save approximately $2,000/year from a financially healthy employee
  • The estimated ROI for Employers who offer employees quality financial programs is 3:1

How can LegacyTracker lead to financial stress relief ? 

As a branded personal financial organizing tool, LegacyTracker would be a great add-on to the education programs provided or as a takeaway of great value to those employees AND their families to get financially organized. LegacyTracker helps relieve financial stress for individuals and their families by providing:

  • One central/accessible location to bring all of the important details & accounts together
  • Comprehensive built-in templates helps users document the important details of life as well as important information related to other family members.
  • A place to safeguard electronic copies of documents or statements
  • Flexible printing/saving/sharing options enabling users to share the information with a spouse, family member or advisor.
  • A built-in Net Worth Tracker to help users determine if they are on the right track
  • Built in Alerts and Reminders will gently prompt users when information is missing or outdated

Please connect with us today to find out how LegacyTracker  can help you help those you help or employ or care about