A branded financial organizer for financial organizations & their clients

A branded financial organizer for clients can help manage the perfect storm that’s brewing in the financial services market.

The perfect storm that’s causing multiple challenges in the personal finance market is double-sided: both financial service organizations as well as the clients & account holders that they work with have been impacted. Our branded financial organizer,  LegacyTracker  can help

branded financial organizer for a perfect storm

Better organized clients are Better Clients. 

(We can say that. We’ve had clients for 20+ years as a financial services provider)

LegacyTracker helps your clients (& their families) simplify & organize their busy lives enabling them to bring all of their important information & documents together in one simple to use, central, accessible & secure location.

The benefits are many when your clients become more empowered with their information:

  • Enhanced peace of mind
  • Increased ability to be more proactive with financial and estate planning
  • Reduced financial risk
  • Clarity around to do’s, next steps & progress towards goals
  • Improved level of emergency preparedness for the entire family
  • Increased success in achieving financial goals

Providing LegacyTracker to Clients/Account holders will help your financial organization provide more meaningful value and help establish deeper relationships with those clients & account holders


  • Marketing Insight
  • Brand Differentiation in the marketplace
  • Client engagement
  • Loyalty & Retention of Clients
  • Ongoing communication
  • Opportunities to provide other products
  • Added value to the entire family of clients/account holders


  • Marketing costs
  • Risk related to inter-generational wealth transfers
  • Risk related to client loan defaults

We think it’s a great Win/Win Solution

Read on for more of the details on the challenge/solution

Benefits for Financial Organizations 

Challenge: How to differentiate in a busy marketplace of busy consumers?

Real Life for your clients is most often made up of Multiple Priorities, Tasks, Responsibilities AND  Multiple Financial Providers. 85% of consumers want one place to manage all of their finances as they feel out of control with their information. 

bigstock-Goldfish-15695801LegacyTracker delivers: 

It’s not free WiFi or cappuccino that will make customers pay attention. An online solution that allows consumers to get organized, manage their busy lives & enhance their piece of mind demonstrates client advocacy; a meaningful differentiator in a busy marketplace. A technology offering is also an attractive offering for younger clients and prospects who prefer to utilize technology to manage their lives.

ROI: Differentiate Brand, Improve market share, Increase New Customers, Deepen client Relationships & Retention, Expand Customer base,  Reduce marketing costs

Challenge: How to increase Client engagement/Do “More” with clients ?

For your clients, getting around to getting organized can really get in the way of getting around to doing more with your Financial Organization. Life is busy. Life can get in the way of getting things done.


 LegacyTracker delivers:

Enabling clients & account holders to get out from under their paperwork and become better organized in a simple & secure way will allow clients to feel more empowered. The added clarity for clients about “to do”s, next steps and progress made will allow for better collaboration between your Organization and your clients.

Better collaboration + Better Engagement = Better Opportunities

Allowing for more collaboration & clarity helps eliminate any possible gaps, increases your client’s chance of success in reaching their goals  Our Built in Alerts & Reminders encourage regular updating & ongoing communication. The built-in Net Worth tracker enables clients to monitor progress towards their financial goals.

ROI: Cultivate Client loyalty/retention, Uncover client insights (more effective marketing), Deepen client relationships, Show Client advocacy, Establish ongoing client communications

Challenge: How to retain loyalty through the next generation ?

Inter-generational wealth transfers are a Top 5 concern for financial organizations. The first of 2  different inter generational wealth transfers (or Big Shifts) is still taking place currently; being the”Great Transfer”  from the first is the “Greatest” generation to the Baby Boomers which is estimated to be $12 Trillion.

The 2nd wealth transfer known as the “Greater” wealth transfer is starting now and will continue for the next 30 years at an estimated $30 Trillion. Capturing the attention of heirs and earning their long-term loyalty is a challenge made even more difficult by the fact that important family conversations about estate planning are still being put off until often it’s too late.

A very recent survey reported that only 2% of heirs will maintain the financial assets that they inherit from their families, at the same financial organization. A stunning challenge.

branded financial organzer

LegacyTracker Delivers

LegacyTracker can help clients facilitate important conversations with family members & help them engage in family estate planning. Making estate planning matters a priority is a key way to show value to both generations and an effective means to retaining accounts with the next generation or heirs. Flexible sharing options allow information to be shared, saved or printed.

Helping clients safeguard their legacy assets by securing important information & documents relating to those assets helps clients also enhance their level of emergency preparedness which is too often minimal. Safeguarding important information & documents will reduce the potential financial risk of those assets becoming unclaimed and avoid the potential for additional stress and expense for the next generation; which is invaluable. We think LegacyTracker offers an opportunity for Financial Organizations to show value & reach out to the next generation.

ROI : Strengthen Brand, Increase Client Retention, Expand Client base, Cultivate Client loyalty