LegacyTracker is a personal financial organizing tool

LegacyTracker helps users take control of their financial life

Our web-based personal finance tool helps individuals & families bring all of their important financial/estate documents & info together in a Simple, Central, Accessible & Secure location.

LegacyTracker helps individuals & families Simplify, Safeguard and Share important financial, estate and legal information

One of the many problems that we believe LegacyTracker can assist with is the problem of more and more assets becoming unclaimed or lost. It’s a big global problem growing at an alarming rate. Watch our 2 minute video for a quick summary of LegacyTracker…But first, we need to clarify the value of Unclaimed Financial Assets in North America…

Despite the fact that our video was finished in early 2013, the new estimate of Unclaimed Funds across North America is now closer to $64 Billion.

Sad but true. It’s an alarming increase from the $40 Billion that’s noted in our video & that’s really the point… consumers need to get organized & that’s what  LegacyTracker is all about 

Too many hard-earned financial assets are becoming lost or unclaimed. We want to help bring awareness, education & a technology to help reduce the problem and getting organized is a good 1st step to becoming proactive about financial and estate planning.

Read more about the important benefits for individuals here: Benefits-Users 

We’re also developing a branded or white label version of LegacyTracker so that organizations can offer our personal finance tool to their own clients, account holders or members. Better organized clients are better clients. 

Read more about how LegacyTracker can help differentiate a brand & enable more valued (& profitable relationships) here: Benefits-Organizations 

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