On a Mission with a Vision



We are committed to providing a personal financial/estate organizing solution to individuals & their families who are struggling to put some order to their important information & documents which can help them re-gain better focus in a busy world and reduce the financial risk appears to be increasing…of losing track of their hard-earned financial assets.

We believe that there is a perfect storm brewing in the financial/estate services marketplace with multiple challenges being faced by both consumers (users) as well as their trusted service providers particularly in finance & estate services. We see LegacyTracker as a way to benefit consumers certainly in a multitude of BIG ways but also for organizations & service providers who offer LegacyTracker to those consumers who are their clients, account holders, employees or members. We think it’s way better than any “swag” that can be offered.  (No offence intended to SWAG makers)


We believe

  •  that more empowered, informed, educated and organized consumers  will be better clients, productive employees or engaged members
  • that consumers can be empowered by putting some order to their important financial, legal & estate information and enabling them to monitor their progress with goals & to do’s over time
  • that being more financially organized with the help of comprehensive templates can enhance the financial capability of  consumers (and their families) which is an important component of enhancing financial literacy
  • that providing a simple to use organizing solution for individuals & their families to use, can help them safeguard against the financial risk of losing track of their hard-earned (intangible property/assets/funds) ; assets which otherwise might become part of the increasing balance of  such assets ($62B in North America currently)
  • that providing a simple to use online solution can help facilitate both 1) important conversations between family members that are too frequently delayed regarding estate planning & final wishes and emergency preparedness where having important information on hand is critical to recovery

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