The Team

Brenda Potter Phelan – CEO/Founder

Brenda is a graduate of York University, as well as a CPA CGA, Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and Certified Professional consultant on aging (CPCA). Brenda has spent 20+ years supporting other entrepreneurs and start-ups in a financial capacity as a CFO, Public Accountant (Phelan & Stodulski CGA) and Management Consultant (Chestnut Hill and Silver Compass). Brenda has been passionate about a lot of things over the years. Family, Clients, Startups, Community Advocacy and many (many) Causes. Perhaps true to the nature of being an accountant and Certified Financial Planner she has also worried about the alarming increase in unclaimed funds; sometimes referred to as abandoned assets or unclaimed intangible property…hard earned and often tax paid assets being “left on the table” by individuals or their families. It’s a problem that is global and growing at an alarming rate. In the US where each State has had Unclaimed Property Legislation in place for 40+ years as an important part of consumer protection legislation, Unclaimed Financial Assets are approximately $58 Billion. In Canada, only 2 provinces have comprehensive Intangible Property Legislation in place (Alberta and Quebec) so Unclaimed Financial Asset estimates vary between $4-6 Billion. The problem of Unclaimed Financial Assets including the lack of awareness and education around the problem was the major impetus for developing LegacyTracker. As it turns out, thanks to the work of our very excellent development team, we believe that LegacyTracker can make a large and meaningful difference in a lot of other ways for both individuals and their families…abut also those Organizations that offer LegacyTracker to their clients, account holders, employees or members as a branded personal financial organizing tool.

 Alex Bucataru – Outsourced Development

Alex is a wizard in software engineering and information modeling. With a passion for elegant programming and the agile approach, combined with a strong business sense, Alex has designed successful custom solutions for several enterprises in Europe and Canada. Alex and his spouse Ruxandra are the team behind ALRUX, a software development company based in Burlington, ON. They are also minority shareholders in LegacyTracker

Ruxandra Bucataru – Outsourced UI/Brand Development

Ruxandra has a technical background in business informatics and over 10 years of user experience and visual design and a passion for branding.  Besides being involved in the product development at LegacyTracker, Ruxandra is a founder at Enthuzr, a customer success platform for SAAS businesses. LegacyTracker is a proud member of Silicon Halton  Silicon Halton Member

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